Mailsort / Mailing Discounts

Postage costs are, more often than not, the most expensive part of any mail campaign so you will be pleased to hear that there are ways to reduce your postal costs. Cavalier Mailing are specialists in postal discounts and offer the full range of services offered by Royal Mail and the DSA (Down Stream Access) providers, such as TNT, UK Mail, OnePost, CitiPost and more.

Royal Mail / TNT Bulk Mail Postage Discounts

You can benefit from a range of different discounts if you are sending more than 4,000 Letter items in a single posting or as few as 1,000 Large Letter item and there are a number of services available to suit the type and size of product and the speed of delivery required.

Name Delivery Aim (days after posting) Description
Royal Mail Mailsort 1 Next working day Business or Advertising Mail 1st Class
Royal Mail Mailsort 2 Two working days Business or Advertising Mail 2nd Class
Royal Mail Mailsort 3 Within four working days Business or Advertising Mail Economy
DSA Sorted Two working days E.g. UK Mail, TNT OnePost
DSA UnSorted Three working days E.g. UK Mail, TNT OnePost

Sorting your mail

You can earn savings by sorting your mail apart from the the delivery speeds there are effectively two levels of sortation:

  • Low Sort – (up to 88 ways) if your mail is machine-readable with either OCR or CBC (Barcode).
  • High Sort – (up to 1,525 ways), which doesn’t require you to make your mail machine-readable.

Low sort offers the highest levels of discount but requires a higher quality standard for data and is more restrictive in terms of type of outer (polywrapping can not be used) and design (strict compliance is required in terms of layout and positioning of address for example).   Data will need to be run against PAF (Postal Address File) to ensure that ensure that 90% of your addresses and postcodes are accurate.

High sort offers the next level of discount but is more flexible and the requirements for this service are not as stringent.

Royal Mail’s Online Postage Calculator