Bulk Mail

What is Bulk Mailing?

Mostly used for marketing purposes, the bulk mail contains identical letters in large quantities sent to different addresses at lower rates. Due to reduced postage costs, this is the most cost-efficient mailing option that will effectively reach a larger audience. Compared with traditional media (e.g. television and radio) outcomes are easily identified, as this marketing strategy offers a flexible medium to advertise your services.

Costs are much lower than “single-piece postage” and with Cavalier Mailing you can invest more time into cultivating your business as we will take care of everything for you – from sorting, designing, printing, packaging and delivery.

Employing bulk mail to meet your business needs affords many advantages; Cavalier Mailing ensures that premium quality bulk mail is produced on time, to successfully reach your clients within the necessary timeframe.

When is Bulk Mailing Appropriate to Use?

Perfect for announcing upcoming events and offering exclusive deals, bulk mail will help you save money and time:

  • If you want to mail large quantities (in volumes of 100’s) occasionally
  • If you want to send out “one-time big-time” mail to be produced in thousands

Bulk Mail Benefits

  • A versatile marketing medium, it is a perfect investment
  • It can increase the publicity and sales of your company
  • It has great beneficial returns despite the initial costly investment
  • It involves profiling old and typical clients which can help you to find more potential customers
  • Its outcomes are easily monitored through response rates

Targeted Bulk Mail

To many organisations, bulk mailing is the lifeblood of new and repeat business. Bulk mail and direct mail pieces must be sent to the correct target market in order to achieve results. You could consider buying a mailing list from a reputable source to acquire a broader target. When you have understood your potential market, integrating your bulk mail with an inviting sales campaign is a great way to accomplish a greater ROI.

The success of your campaign will depend on many factors and you may need to test and refine your mailing over time to gain the best results.

Bulk Mailing Response Rates

Bulk mailing is rewarded with the highest response of 5% and it can be even less fruitful if you are relying on inaccurate data. With an aim of boosting the percentage of your result, while spending less, the correct offers and promotional campaigns could reap a double digit percentage result.

Telephone, email and websites afford more avenues for customer responses. Fill your bulk mail with good offers and other incentives like discounts, promos and even money-off coupons to entice them. Pre-paid reply envelopes or cards can also boost responses.

Analysing the Response to Your Bulk Mailing

Produce a cost per response by analysing your bulk mail from design, quality, expenses and ROI as it is important to know whether your mailing has been successful and profitable.

Offering expert solutions and services for direct mailing, Cavalier Mailing’s services can help you to yield real and noticeable results.