Cavalier Mailing Services Limited is one of the UK’s leading providers of national and international direct mailing and fulfilment services. With over 30 years experience we provide a complete solution to all your mailing requirements. Because of this we are confident that nobody understands the business of direct marketing fulfilment better than us. We can advise you on the most cost-effective methods, and make your marketing budget work harder and go farther than before.

We currently mail out more than 25 million items per calendar year and because we can deliver on our promises our clients continue to come back year after year. Our attention to detail means that your campaigns will run smoothly and seamlessly. We understand that price is important to you but value for money has to be backed up with good customer service.



We are proud of our experienced and dedicated workforce with most of our team having over 10 years ‘in the bag’. This provides us with a stable, well-rounded group of employees that you can have confidence that they will get the job done. On an individual level this experience is the difference between being told how to do something and knowing intuitively how to do it. This experience enable us to complete campaigns without errors and on time.

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To Detail

For us it’s not enough to simply accept the ‘what is’ in all aspects of your campaign. This starts with your data where we provide you with a comprehensive FREE data audit which can ensure that your data is as ‘clean’ as possible.

We can advise on missing information, duplicates and correct many forms of mis-addressing. But it doesn’t stop there, checking designs, layouts, fonts and alignment to create the perfect first impression.

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It’s all very well being able to do the basics but many of our client’s requirements are anything but. So the ability to listen and understand each of the elements of your campaign are not simply something that can be ticked off on any checklist. Our experience and hands-on knowledge will ensure that we have the answer to your questions even before you’ve asked them and provide a seamless service, that you will have complete confidence in.

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Why Choose Us?


Committed, full-time staff

We have a policy of only employing staff on a full-time (or part-time) basis – never working with temporary or agency staff.  The quality, and throughput that you get from dedicated staff cannot be matched with temporary workers.


Site Tours – Why not visit us?

We are proud of our facilities and positively encourage our clients to visit to gain a better understanding of our processes and to view our operation first hand.

It’s so much nicer to put a face to a voice (or even an email!)


Attention to detail – It’s important

Along with the most important elements of your campaign, such as data accuracy and quality off finish we know that the small things like font size, position, correct pack sequence, date of mailing also matter.


Reputation and years of experience

With over 30 years in the ‘trade’ we’ve seen both our suppliers and competitors come and go but that is the very last thing that you want of your own supplier.  You can rest assured that you are dealing with a financially secure company with a reputation that speaks for iteself.


We care about the environment

We are committed to providing a cost-effective service but not at the expense of the environment.  We recycle almost all of our waste products including paper, cardboard, polythene, ink-toner cartridges and even strapping.