Publishing CompaniesPublishers have a range of requirements but keeping costs under control through design, print and advertising revenue is imperative to the continued success of a title. If the publication is subscribed to then postage and fulfilment also come into the equation.

Subscribers might also be particularly demanding, requiring their copy ahead of those in the shops, so it’s a balancing act keeping both readers and resellers happy. Cavalier deal with a number of publishers ensuring that their titles are released in a timely manner and providing the best possible postal discount where available.

Because we deal with a number of printers locally and nationally if you ever need a comparative quote on the print or help with some last minute flyers ask us if we can of assistance.

Postal discounts – Royal Mail’s Publishing Mail (previously known as Presstream)

Publishing Mail is our specialist mailing service for publishers and distributors of magazines, journals and newsletters. Depending on the number of items you wish to send and the destination of your mail, you may be able to take advantage of our profile pricing discounts.

  • Each posting should contain at least 1,000 large letters, parcels or A3 parcels
  • At least one-sixth of the periodical must be editorial content
  • Item must be published and posted using the Publishing Mail service at least twice a year

If you are a publisher who would like to discuss our services in a little more detail please give us a call on 01603 720303 or use the contact form on the right and we will call you straight back.