Cavalier Mailing are one of the leading print management companies in Norfolk


Cavalier Mailing Services Limited is committed to providing exceptional mailing house solutions that can be tailored to suit individual requirements.

We make sure that your business reaps positive marketing results with our comprehensive and top of the line processes.

Please take a look at the key services we can offer:

Print Management

Having been prominent in the printing industry for more than 30 years, we have gained an excellent and long standing relationship with different printers in Norwich and throughout the UK. Our clients choose us not because of what we do but more because of how we do it. We are committed to being a one-stop shop for every printing and mailing requirement that you may have; staying flawlessly consistent and true to your brand’s image and services.

Direct marketing fulfilment is made easy and affordable with Cavalier Mailing! As one of the best Mailing companies and Printers in Norfolk, we insist on high quality outputs. For specially tailored mail, up-to-date facilities, quality packages and professional data management, we provide the best and most reliable mailing and printing solutions!


The quickest way to enclose and mail your articles, polywrapping is cost efficient and lightweight. It can easily accommodate stationary items of various sizes and thicknesses; both in landscape and portrait oriented feeding.

Envelope Enclosing / Insertion

With the use of our multi-station CMC envelope enclosing lines, we can insert your mailing items into envelopes at a rapid pace; we can insert up to 8,000 envelopes per hour.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is personalised according to your requirements and specific target audience, making sure that your message is always received!

Hand Fulfilment

Product labelling, multi-content pack fills, cover mounting of gifts, CD’s and DVD’s, postage stamp mailing, tip-on membership cards, pack collation and other cost effective mailing solutions can be fulfilled by hand.

Data Processing

By using specialised data management software, we can enhance and filter your database to ensure that your mailing will successfully reach each and every recipient on the list.

Laser Printing / Inkjetting

We use versatile high-speed printers; capable of printing in various sizes and paper thicknesses. Laser printing is ideal for printing high quality personalised letters, carrier sheets and direct mail of up to 1200dpi.

We have multipurpose inkjet printers in Norfolk that provide in-line digital printing on all media types. Operating at speeds of up to 8,000 items per hour, inkjetting is perfect for printing directly onto personalised postcards, carrier sheets, polywrap film and brochures.

Mailsort / Mailing Discounts

We understand that postage costs can be the most expensive part of the mailing process; that’s why we are delighted to offer smart solutions that will significantly lower your costs. We are proud specialists in postal discounts – we offer a full range of services by Royal Mail and the DSA (Down Stream Access) providers such as Citipost, Whistl, UK Mail, OnePost and more.

Bulk Mail

A cost effective means of reaching a larger audience, our company ensures positive results; you can be sure that your bulk mail is accurate, appealing and delivered on time.

Grow your business with Cavalier Mailing – one of the leading printers in Norfolk!