Envelope Enclosing / Insertion

Our envelope enclosing services provide high-speed and low-cost options for direct mail campaigns. Our professional letter insertion services ensure that your direct mailing is both cost effective and efficient, to save you time and money.

  • We can insert up to 8000 items every hour
  • Benefit from up to 6 inserts per envelope
  • Save on postage with the Mailmark 2D barcode service
  • Our data services can sort your mailing by address to reduce your postage costs
  • Envelope supply and insertion carried out under one roof
  • Envelope branding available
  • Bespoke hand enclosing envelope services available
  • Fully trained, professional staff complete your mail insertion to the highest possible standard

We can enclose letters, flyers, leaflets, brochures, magazines, BRE’s and more, into envelopes of up to C4 in size. Combined with our data services, we can also mailsort your address data to achieve lower postage costs on most enveloped mailings.

High Speed Envelope Insertion

Based in Norfolk, our state of the art mailing house provides insertion services to many local and global businesses. Choosing to have your business mail or promotional material professionally inserted into envelopes and fulfilled by Cavalier Mailing will not only improve your business efficiency but could also save your postage costs.

High Speed Envelope Enclosing and Fulfilment Services

Our high speed automated enclosing lines can insert up to 8000 documents per hour, ensuring your direct mailing insertion is complete in no time. We are able to insert all manner of documents up to an envelope size of C4, with the potential to enclose up to 6 inserts in anyone envelope. You will benefit from postage savings too, as the majority of our enveloped mailings can be sent via Royal Mail’s Mailmark service, which uses barcode technology to increase postage efficiency and reduce the cost to you.

In addition to insertion and postage, we can also offer fulfilment only services. We can competently complete envelope enclosing to Royal Mail door drop criteria or we can cater to straight forward enclosing alone.

Envelope Supply & Bespoke Envelopes

We source and supply top quality envelopes for mailings, thanks to our trusted supplier relationships, we offer very competitive prices and pass the savings onto you, our client. We supply plain and printed envelopes, in both window and no window varieties.
Along with offering bulk envelope supply and mail insertion, we can also supply bespoke envelope designs, allowing you to send your direct mailing in branded envelopes.

We offer help with your artwork design and guide you through the elements which are sometimes required, depending on the postal service. From a simple one colour designs to eye-catching designs including printed logos, promotional messages and inkjet or laser addressing, the options are endless. All of our bespoke envelopes are designed in accordance with postage regulations

Hand Enclosing Envelope Mailing Services

Our envelope enclosing team are able to process low volume jobs and more complex, bespoke mailings. Our hand enclosing services include envelope packs, that may contain unusual or bulkier items that are not suitable for our enclosing lines such as USB sticks, pens and other promotional material. Our expert enclosing team are also a cost effective solution for businesses requiring low volume mailing projects.

We insert documentation into bespoke envelopes that would not be suitable for our automated enclosing machinery, and thanks to their care and attention you can guarantee your mailing will leave our premises in top condition. By using our hand enclosing service, you are also able to variable quantity mailings – where packs may contain different quantities of an item.

Envelope Insertion For All Sectors

From large scale automated insertion runs to low volume hand enclosed mailings, we can help. Your direct mail insertion will be carried out promptly, ensuring any deadlines set out at the time of your order are achieved. When you trust your insertion service to us, you can be assured that it will be carried out to the highest standard. Our inserts include general business correspondence, catalogues and brochures, election communication and magazine subscriptions. Whatever your sector or however large your envelope enclosing run, we will apply the same level of attention to ensure your documents are inserted reliably and accurately.

We would love to be a part of your next direct mailing, contact us today for a no obligation quotation.

  • Fulfilment services for your business mail
  • Barcode technology reduces bulk postage costs
  • High speed automated mail insertion to improve your efficiency
  • Bespoke, hand envelope enclosing for promotional items

For more information on Cavalier Mailing’s envelope enclosing service, please use our contact form or call us on 01603 720303.