Advertising Mail – Content Guidance List

The list of mailing examples below is indicative and for guidance only. Each request to post Responsible Mail and Advertising Mail must be considered individually on its own merits to determine whether it can be considered to qualify as Responsible Mail and Advertising Mail. All Mailing Items to qualify must be addressed and must comprise a largely uniform message with the primary purpose of promoting the sale or use of products or services, or to encourage contribution to or support of a cause.

*The list is not absolute or exhaustive and is to be used as a helpful guide only*

Information taken from the Royal Mail Royal Mail DM Examples:

Suitable for Advertising Mail:

Example 1: A credit card company, store or retailer sending an offer of a new credit card
Example 2: A charity / society sending a reminder mailing to renew the subscription
Example 3: A mail order company sending its new or seasonal catalogue to an existing or prospective customer base.
Example 4: Customer satisfaction questionnaire which specifically captures information relating to a customer’s experience of the product, service or cause with the aim of using such information to be more targeted when sending further information on such products or services.
Example 5: A travel company/tourist board sending its new or seasonal brochure unsolicited to an existing customer base or prospective customer base.
Example 6: An unsolicited mailing of a discount code or discount vouchers, tickets or invitations with a uniform message to customers / prospects to encourage purchase or repurchase.
Example 7: An organisation sends a letter to its customers/prospects to notify dates of future events promoting its products or services or cause.
Example 8: A company sends a sample of its products/services with or without a voucher (unsolicited)
Example 9: Loyalty scheme providing the opportunity to take advantage of offers or redeem coupons, either in store or on line. (this mailing may include details of an individual’s number of loyalty points available for conversion)
Example 10: A customer publication i.e. a magazine or newsletter forming part of a company’s / charity’s customer communication programme to encourage purchase or support of a cause that is not paid for by the recipient or via subscription.
Example 11: Insurance company sending letter to existing or prospective customers with quotes for products and services.
Example 12: A bulk mailing to request consumer consent to mail to them in future.

Unsuitable for Advertising Mail:

Example 1: A company/bank sending a statement which includes a leaflet advertising insurance
Example 2: Utility bill with advertising on back for other services
Example 3: A company sending personalised documents containing a level of detail that is unique to the individual,with or without advertising material e.g. insurance policy
Example 4: Mailing customers with a uniform message informing them of a price increase
Example 5: A company sending a shareholder annual report
Example 6: Membership or subscription magazines / publications, with or without advertising
Example 7: A company/charity informing their customers/members of a change to their bank details or their VAT rate
Example 8: Fulfilment of requested tickets / invitations (e.g. purchased by the customer for an event/holiday etc)
Example 9: A school/college/society newsletter or bulletin (publications), including alumni
Example 10: A wine mail order company sending wine ordered by a customer containing leaflets advertising other services from different companies
Example 11: Mailings of a ‘public duty’ nature with or without advertising. Examples include swine flu, tax or car tax reminder, VAT change reminders, Council refuse collection days, etc.
Example 12: Marketing Lifestyle / Consumer Survey / Product / Service questionnaire which is specifically seeking to gather information on a range of products/services/habits for trend analysis/data collection purposes and is not looking to further promote products/services. E.g. electoral/census.
Example 13: An AGM mailing informing shareholders of the AGM meeting
Example 14: A company sending out a loyalty/membership card to a subscribed customer
Example 15: Local utility company explaining forthcoming changes to utility ownership. e.g. water company detailing changes to ownership and responsibility of sewage/water pipes
Example 16: Political party mailings which have the aim of influencing the recipient’s political view point or the way in which they may vote in an election.
Example 17: Prize draw letters informing customers that they have won a prize