UK and International Postage

At Cavalier Mailing Services, we’re experts in saving you money on both UK and international postage charges.

With more than 25 years’ experience of managing direct mail postal campaigns, we have access to the full portfolio of UK and international postal services from the Royal Mail, Down Stream Access (DSA) providers and consolidators worldwide.

Whether you’re mailing 250 or 250,000 items, you can rely on us to save you money on your direct mail distribution and postage costs with our unbeatable mailing discounts.


UK Postage

Here’s how our postage discounts save you money:

Mailsort – Cavalier Mailing specialises in mailsorting your address data so you can enjoy the very best postage discounts offered in the UK by Royal Mail and DSA (Down Stream Access) providers such as Whistl (Formerly TNT), UK Mail, OnePost, Citipost and Secured Mail. By mailsorting your mailing data, we save you up to 50% on the price of each stamp.

Advertising Mail – if your mailing content is advertising products, services or an offer, it’s likely to qualify for the advertising mail service that provides a further level of postage discount

Mailmark – launched by Royal Mail, Mailmark uses 2D barcode technology and offers customers improved quality, as well as reduced postage costs. Cavalier Mailing is a Mailmark-accredited mailing house – we use Mailmark on letters, postcards and other postal items.


International Postage

As well as providing our clients with massive savings on UK postage costs, we can also help you save money on international postage costs when you launch overseas direct mail campaigns.

Working with our international consolidator partners, we offer economy, standard and priority services for all mail formats including letters, large letters, packets and parcels. We provide competitive international postage rates for country-specific targeted mailing across Europe or around the world.


Bulk Mail Services

At the same time, Cavalier Mailing offers competitive bulk mail and distribution rates for a variety of mailing formats and quantities for domestic and international destinations. Along with cost savings on UK and global postage services, we also have access to courier-signed and trackable services. With larger format and heavier packages (generally those weighing more than 2kg), it’s often more cost-effective to distribute UK items via courier service

To learn more about our great value mailing discounts or if you would like a quote, please call our sales team on 01603 920303.