Making Deliveries

Delivery Site

Units 28 & 29 Mackintosh Road
Rackheath Industrial Estate
NR13 6LJ

Tel: 01603 957316

Download: packing / presentation / delivery instructions here


To ensure transparency to our clients, all deliveries would ideally be booked in via email. In order to get a booking time, please call the number above, or email

We will endeavour to get back to you as early as possible but we cannot guarantee booking slots for the next day for pallets booked after 3pm.

In your email, please state:

  • Your customer
  • The title of the goods that you are booking in and the quantity
  • The number of pallets
  • The requested time (we will endeavour to book in the delivery around this time)
  • Your client’s requested delivery date

Without the information above, we will not be able to give you a booking slot.

All deliveries must be booked in at least 24 hours before delivery: Any items that are not booked in can and will be refused.

All bookings will get an email to confirm acceptance – this must be checked by the delivery company to ensure the correct quantity and number of pallets of the delivery.

If the delivery deviates from the booking, the delivery can be refused.

If you do not have a booking reference, or the delivery is late, we will endeavour to get you into another free slot. However, should this not be available, the delivery company may be required to take the goods away and make a new booking.

Pallets that are damaged will be refused.

We must be notified in advance if the delivery is going to be mixed stock, and this must be marked up clearly.

All deliveries must be accompanied by a delivery note, stating:

  • Booking reference number
  • Description of goods
  • Quantity of pallets
  • Quantity on pallets
  • Total quantity

Any stock delivered 7+days before commencement of the mailing may be susceptible to storage costs.

If the driver is unable to help in the unloading of the vehicle, there may be a charge (per pallet)

All deliveries will be accepted between the hours of 08:00am and 16:00pm Monday to Friday, anything out of these hours may be refused or charged at additional rates.

When drivers arrive at the premises, they must report to reception. At this time, they must give their booking reference. Reception will then make the warehouse department aware of the delivery.

Delivery of Magazines / Catalogues / Books

All books must either be single strapped, or have no strapping (ideally no strapping)

Cross strapping or shrink wrapping is not acceptable.

Magazines should not be boxed unless by prior agreement.

All books must have the minimum amount of turns possible: i.e. a bundle of 50 books should only be turned once with the books facing 25 each direction.
The minimum magazines / books in 1 turn must be no less than 20. Any books that have more than 1 turn or less than 20 items in a turn without prior discussion will be rejected or will be subject to additional charges of commencement of production.

All pallets must have the quantity of bundles and total number of items on the pallet labels.

All pallets must be wrapped with clear wrap.

All pallets will need a minimum of 2 pallet labels. Ideally when loaded, the pallet label will face out to easily identify the product.

Paper corners should be used to protect the items where necessary.

All delivery notes must be in clear, concise English and follow the deliveries guide.

All pallets must be presented in a manner whereby they can be double stacked inclusive of tops to protect the product – failure to do so will mean additional storage charges.

Pallet sizes – you must ensure that magazines are delivered on either:

  • Euro Pallets
  • 1200x1000mm pallets

Magazines cannot be delivered on printer’s pallets as we cannot double stack them safely.

The last layer of the pallets must be in full in order to be double stacked (with the exception of the final pallet)

If any of the above is not adhered to then additional costs will be added to the mailing costs.

Delivery of Inserts / 3rd Party Items / Carrier Sheets

All inserts must be boxed

There should be no turns in the inserts – all must be facing the same direction, with no strapping.

Each box should be marked up / labelled with the insert description and quantity.

If any of the above is not adhered to then additional costs will be added to the mailing costs

Under no circumstances should pallets be mixed with different stock.

If pallets are mixed, we will unload the delivery, however there is a standard warehousing charge to split the pallets down of £25.00 per pallet and will be charged directly to the customer.

Delivery of Stock to be Laser Personalised

All stock that is supplied into us for laser personalisation must be packed suitably in boxes or bulk packed onto pallets.

The paper should be facing the same direction.

A sample of the paper should be attached to the lid of every box for quality control purposes.

Paper supplied for lasering must be laser compatible stock. (It is recommended that we receive samples prior to production to ensure the material is suitable for laser printing.)

Under no circumstances should pallets be mixed with different stock.

Delivery of Postcards / Offline Inkjet Items / CBC Items

For the avoidance of doubt, please always check with us to ensure that we can inkjet the material that is to be supplied as we will not be able to confirm until we physically put the material through the machine.

Delivery of Envelopes

All envelopes must be boxed.

Please check whether we require gummed or self-seal, and the dimensions of the envelope as we would require a large envelope for machine inserting.(higher volumes)

Delivery of Printed or Clear Mailing Film

All film that is supplied must be of a low slip density with anti-static additive Should you have any doubts over this, please ask for a sample of our stock polywrap to product match.

Polythene must me a minimum of 25micron.