Polywrapping is one of the fastest and most efficient direct mail options to enclose and post catalogues, brochures, books or magazines.

With our high-speed polywrapping lines we can polywrap almost any mailing and offer competitive pricing combined with fast project turnarounds.

As well as being stronger and cheaper than mailing in envelopes, it is also lighter than a paper envelope so can offer savings on both the cost of the ‘outer’ but may also help keep the pack weight under or within a weight band saving you money on postage costs too.

Our Polywrapping Services Include

  • High speed Sitma & CMC polywrapping lines
  • Online Inkjet addressing systems – on all our polywrap lines
  • Capacity to polywrap up to 8 items in one polywrap pack
  • Address/Carrier Sheet – inkjet & laser personalisation
  • Clear or printed polythene
  • Polybag Fulfilment by hand – for unusual pack contents or low quantity runs


Benefits of Polywrapping

  • Polywrap is a tough and durable material so your mail piece and pack contents will be protected through the postal system
  • Multiple items with different formats can be polywrapped so this can save money on bespoke envelopes or other mailing costs
  • Your brochure or catalogue is highly visible so makes an immediate impact on delivery. Some of the biggest brands consistently use this strategy which is proven to increase direct mail ROI
  • Polywrap materials are lighter than envelopes so they can help keep your mail under the postal weight bands saving you money on postage costs

Addressing & Printing

Inkjet Addressing Services

Inkjet addressing is a low cost and effective solution for addressing carrier sheets in-line which can then be polywrapped with other items.

We can also inkjet an address directly onto a brochure or catalogue which saves you costs on carrier sheets and polywrap film.

Our inkjet systems prints variable text including addresses, Bitmap graphics and a comprehensive range of barcodes and QR Codes.

Cavalier Mailing Services is also mailmark accredited and our inkjet systems can print high quality 2D barcodes onto postcards to save you more money on postage costs.

Laser Printing Services

Laser printing has the advantage (over inkjetting) of producing a near quality finish as litho printing.

We can laser personalise pre-printed letters or something more complex with multiple merge fields.

Items that are laser printed can then be polywrapped with single or multiple items.

Polybagging Services

We offer hand-fulfilment services for smaller quantity projects or jobs that cannot be run mechanically on our polywrap machines. Our polybagging services include –

  • Packs that may contain unusual / non-printed items – i.e. USB sticks, pens, other promotional material
  • Low volume projects
  • Variable quantity mailings – where packs may contain different quantities of an item(s)

Polythene Options

We stock and can source a large range of clear and printed polythene:

  • Clear Polywrap – we hold a selection of clear polywrap sizes in stock from DL to A4 and other bespoke formats
  • Opaque polywrap – this polywrap film is an excellent option if you want to hide the content of the items being mailed and is used for mailing sensitive materials
  • White-Band Mailing Film – is also held in stock and has the advantage that we can inkjet directly onto the film so no carrier sheet is required which saves you money on print and fulfilment costs
  • Printed Polybags – for bespoke packs or products that cannot be processed on our polywrapping machines
  • Printed polywrap – we can supply printed polywrap in full colour, dedicated to promotion your publication or mail shot. Before the pack is even opened, the quality of printed images and text will promote your brand identity and marketing messages, achieving maximum visual impact. We are fortunate to be located next-door to the leading UK supplier of printed mailing films Polyprint so can offer fast turnaround and competitive pricing on all printed polywrap options