Princess Diana Commemorative Stamps

Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales, will long be remembered as one of the most adored members of the British royal family. Diana was born to royalty and in 1981, she became Princess Diana when she married Charles, Prince of Wales. She soon earned the nickname of “The People’s Princess” because people saw her as being more caring and compassionate than the rest of the royal family. Her charity work and kindness towards everyone she encountered left a lasting impression on everyone who watched her.

Princess Diana

Diana’s popularity exceeded the community of Wales and she became an icon of fashion. People cherished Diana as much for her inner beauty as for her pretty face and charming ways. Princess Diana was dedicated to her charity work for animal protection, fighting against the use of landmines and helping the homeless, the elderly and drug addicts.

Diana was emulated in life and indeed, after her premature death in 1997, by women from around the globe. Her personal style influenced many women’s wardrobes, including a number of oversized jackets and outlandish hats. Women also flocked to the hairdressers to get the “Diana Cut”, after the princess made it popular in a Vogue layout in 1990.


The Memory Lives On

There are many products made to commemorate the People’s Princess, including everything from stuffed animals to coins. No other product so aptly captures the spirit that made Princess Diana the most popular member of the British royal family, as the Princess Diana Commemorative Stamps.

Each commemorative stamp captures the special events that marked a different time in the princess’s time in Wales – the exceptional quality of print perfectly immortalises Diane. A must-have for any stamp collector, no collection will be complete without the collection that best commemorates the most unique member of the Royal Family.

  • 21st Birthday Mint Mini-Sheet Anguilla, 1982
  • Princess of Wales Memorial Stamp Issue St. Lucia, 1998
  • Memorial Issue Mint Sheet of 9 Stamps St. Lucia, 1998
  • Royal Wedding Turkish Republic of N. Cyprus, 1981
  • Mint Strip of 5 Great Britain, 1998
  • Somalia 1998
  • 21st Birthday Mint Mini-Sheet of 2 Stamps Cook Islands, 1982
  • 21st Birthday Mint Set of 2 Comoros Islands, 1982
  • 21st Birthday Mint Set of 4 Ascension, 1982
  • Memorial Issue Sheet of 6 Antigua, 1998
  • Memorial Issue Mint Sheet of 6 Togo, 1998
  • Sheet of 6 Zambia, 1997
  • Memorial Issue Mint Sheet of 4 St. Vincent, 1997
  • Sheet of 9 Nevis, 1997
  • Royal Wedding, 1981 Three Mint Stamp Sheets
  • Congo, 1998
  • 21st Birthday Mint Set of 3 Stamps Nevis, 1982
  • 21st Birthday Princess of Wales Issue Montserrat, 1983
  • 21st Birthday Tuvalu, 1982
  • Birth of Prince William Mint Set of 3 Stamps Tuvalu, 1982
  • 21st Birthday St. Vincent, 1982

Princess Diana Commemorative Stamps

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