Why Branding is Beneficial for your Business


People nowadays are after the brand rather than the product itself and as more companies revert back to direct mailing, visual appeal has become increasingly important.

What is Branding?

Branding is the practice of creating your own identity – one that can leave a lasting impression with potential consumers. When starting a business, you must know WHAT and WHO you are so that you can classify the type of clients you are looking for and the type of audience you should cater to.

Once the bar is set, you will have to live up to that image and continuously look for ways to improve to establish an even better relationship with your clients.

Effective Branding Tools



The mark or symbol that represents your business, a logo is typically unique and catchy – with a main goal of helping clients to distinguish one company from another.


Also known as slogans, taglines are short catchphrases that are usually two to three words in length, a one-liner or a phrase – that clients will remember you by.

Colour Schemes

While colours can be very attractive, business’ colour schemes are not made for the purpose of appeal. Colours tend to have a psychological effect on people – once you have formulated the perfect colour combination for your business, this will become part of your company identity.

Samples or Complimentary Items

As the most effective way to make people remember you, let them experience your brand first-hand. Sending a sample product will give them an idea of what your product is really about, so you can introduce your brand in a way that customers can utilise it.

Your direct mail and other marketing materials will certainly make an impact on potential clients when you start off with a good branding strategy.


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