Compelling Factors that Put Direct Mailing Back on the Map

Compelling Factors

Some of you may think that direct mail (DM) is an outdated channel for one-to-one communication. Just in case you hadn’t heard, it has made a very convincing comeback – and you would be foolish to overlook its powers of persuasion!

Direct Mail continues to champion its way to the forefront of the communication battleground. As an effective and valuable medium for consumers and the multi-channel world, these credentials have been derived from a Royal Mail MarketReach case study:

‘Mail’ is Powerful Enough

When Royal Mail MarketReach removed its logo from its Mailmen campaign, prominent advertising and marketing agencies supported the channel. This move urged advertisers and even the ‘non-DM believers’ to trust in the powers of direct mail once more – proving that it is strong enough to stand alone.

Highly Targeted OOH and Simple Formats

Out-of-Home Media, with the help of online and offline advertising, further improved the campaign’s efforts to make the medium reach the marketing press and consumers’ awareness – and trust! By spreading the word on social media, billboards, streets and in other public places, this made it easier to break down previous negative perceptions of advertising mail.

Integrated Direct Mail

Even with the ever changing trends in advertising and marketing, direct mail is still reliable for success and consumer brand loyalty. The trick is to integrate it into these following marketing strategies:

  • Personalise the message – employ date rich information and unique marketing messages to make it seem more personal.
  • Thoughtful offers and exclusive benefits – keep consumers on the edge of their seats with hot deals, updates, exclusive coupons and more!
  • Digitise the prints – let the old and the new work in harmony. Digitising the print materials will buff up the effectiveness of this tried and tested medium.

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