Things to Avoid When Bulk Mailing

Things to Avoid

Things to Avoid When Bulk Mailing

To understand the number of people you are likely to reach through bulk mail, make sure that you have properly prepared everything. You wouldn’t want to send erroneously printed and designed mail to an unsuitable audience, would you?

When targeting a large audience, you should be keen to avoid the following mistakes to ensure effective Bulk Mail Marketing:

Unspecific Targeted Market

Don’t go sending out mail to people that have been randomly selected. This process should be as specific as the mission and vision of your company. Are you targeting local businesses or long-term residents?

Unclear Purpose of Content

You are reaching out to a lot of people so be sure that you are sending out a message that will be clearly understood by your prospects. Does your company have an upcoming Black Friday sale? Are you going to introduce a new product which will qualify for 50% off at the launch?

Peak Seasons

Avoid sending anything when you will likely be up against greeting cards, packages and other mail. For maximum impact, choose quieter times of the year to get your message heard.

No Specific Mail Design

A personalised mail design will help to introduce your brand. So, in plotting out your content and target market, make sure that you go all out with your mail design.