Benefit from the best postal discounts that are available! Depending on the service, you might be able to save 50% against unsorted business rates or even more if you compare it to regular stamp prices.

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Using our professional software we perform data cleansing and standardization, as well as other steps to ensure your mailing can reach every recipient. MAILSORTING, DE_DUPING, DATA CLEANING etc

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Clear / Printed Film

  • Newspapers
  • Brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Magazines
A cost effective and aesthetically appealing way to wrap/mail your items, polywrap is available in clear or printed alternatives.


Insertion / Enclose

  • Direct Mail Letters
  • Flyers and Leaflets
  • Pricelists and Brochures
  • Newsletters
High speed mechanical insertion of letters and flyers or hand enclosing of more bespoke items can be mailed in envelopes.


Clean / Suppress

  • Mailsorting and PAF
  • De-duping and Formatting
  • Deceased, Goneaways, etc.
  • List Purchase, MPS, TPS
Professional Data Management & Processing services lead to a successful and more profitable mailing campaign.


Laser / Inkjet

  • Laser Personalisation
  • Inkjetting - Postcards
  • Barcodes and OCR
  • Various Sizes, A5, A4, A3
Inkjet printing direct onto postcards/polywrap or laser personalisation of letters/promotional flyers.

Mailing House and Direct Mail Services

As a leading Mailing House, Cavalier Mailing provides direct mail services, polywrapping and data services for companies throughout the UK. With the full range of direct mail/marketing services, we are one of the largest and longest established mailing houses in East Anglia.

Our services include machine envelope insertion, hand envelope insertion, inkjet printing, laser printing, direct mailing and postal services. Postal discounts are available for both domestic (UK) and foreign mail - discounted UK services include the full range of sorted services including Mailsort, Low Sort, High Sort, CBC, OCR, Publishing Mail, Clean Mail, Business Mail, Advertising Mail and many more.

Cavalier Mailing Services offers mailing house solutions for clients including large organisations, membership groups, local authorities, charities and many SME's. We maintain very high standards, delivering client projects on time and at the most competitive rates.

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