Recommended Last Mailing Dates 2017

Royal Mail 

Royal Mail (direct) has confirm the following dates:

  • Saturday 17 December (Sorted) Economy
  • Tuesday 20 December 2nd Class Royal Mail (Sorted or Unsorted)
  • Wednesday 21 December 1st Class (Sorted or Unsorted)

Postage Price increase 3rd January 2017

Royal Mail have released their access (wholesale service for Postal providers such as Citipost, Whistl, UK Mail) price increases for January 2017 and in line with their communication,  new rate cards will be issued to come into effect for anything handed over to Royal Mail from the 3rd January 2017 onwards.

Royal Mail Price Increases 30th March 2015

Further to the earlier than usual price increases that Royal Mail introduced at the start of the year they have given notice that those products not affected at that time will be increasing as of Monday 30th March 2015.

Royal Mail Help with Mailmark®

The Mailmark system went live in February 2014 and has now processed 32 million mail pieces from 50 of Royal Mail’s larger posting customers.