Data Processing

Our data centre is often the first step to the success of your campaign and our flexible approach means we can process virtually every type of data file. Using professional software, we perform data cleansing and standardisation, etc. to ensure your mail reaches every recipient.

Data processing –  Mailsorting, De-duping or Data Cleaning

Our data processing department specialises in management procedures including:

Data Services

  • Postcode Address File Validation (PAF)
  • Mailsorting to 1400 (High Sort), 70 (Low Sort) (CBC and OCR)
  • Publishing Mail
  • Deduping to any level
  • Assigning of URN
  • Case conversion
  • Building of salutations
  • Or maybe something bespoke

Quality Check

Precise addressing is vital to successful mailing campaigns and it helps to portray a professional image of your organisation. Upon receipt, we will report back to you regarding the condition of your data. We will provide verification of the files received, quantities, undeliverable records and overseas addresses. A free data audit is available; which will provide you with an estimated breakdown of possible duplicates, deceased and gone away records, along with possible new addresses if available. We will check the validity of the addresses and postcodes and make alterations where appropriate.

Data Enhancement

While it would be great if all customers could provide organised data, in our experience this is seldom the case! Offering a range of automated and bespoke services that include separating data supplied in one column to reformatting layouts and case-changing text, we can also automatically update postcodes to the correct format – e.g. uppercase + correctly separated: Nr43TE changes to NR4 3TE.


Duplicate mail is not only expensive, it also looks unprofessional. Duplicated data is sometimes inevitable unless you regularly and accurately maintain your database. Using a mixture of in-house software that can automatically detect duplicates within your data and a level of ‘human’ interaction, we can perform an in-depth ‘de-dupe’ service.


The most expensive part of many mailing campaigns is the postage, so it is vital that you benefit from the best available postal discounts. More information can be found on our Mailsort Discount.

Database Management

Available at any time you wish to use it, we can store your database and maintain it to provide an accurate and up to date mailing list. Our multi-server I.T. system offers a secure and robust repository and backup data is stored securely in an off-site facility to assure maximum protection.

Mailing Preference Service

Funded by the direct mail industry, the Mailing Preference Service (MPS) was set up 20 years ago to enable consumers to have their names and UK home addresses removed from lists used by the industry. A free service, it is fully supported by Royal Mail and other directly involved trade associations. It is also fully endorsed by The Information Commissioners Office. Our free data audit will identify any registered addresses, while our cost-effective service will flag and remove them from your mailing list where applicable.