Direct Mail

When it comes to advertising, businesses have plenty of branding options – billboards, promotional displays, television ads and many more. Although these options are very effective, direct mailing is still one of the most proficient ways of advertising your business.

Cavalier Direct Mail Services

Cavalier Mailing provides data processing, hand fulfilment and other mailing services including direct mailing:

Direct Mail Advertising
Although low-cost, this method can still enhance brand awareness and generate ROIs. One way you can advertise your business is by mailing your clients and potential clients with catalogues, brochures and magazines to effectively disseminate information about your products and services.

Direct Mail Design
Including initial designs for envelopes, including their contents, we provide designs for postcards, brochures, catalogues, periodicals and more. We also provide different types of outer covering such as polywrap and envelopes.

Direct Mail Distribution
Having secured facilities to ensure the safety of your mail before it is sent out, we also ensure that all mail will be delivered to its respective recipients.

Direct Mail Fulfilment
Constantly aiming to serve you better, challenging specifications that are not suitable for our automatic equipment can be completed by our fulfilment team:

  • Daily fulfilment
  • Multi-content pack fills
  • Pack collation
  • Low volume fulfilment

Benefits of Direct Mailing

  • Targeted Marketing – All direct mail can be directed to a specific audience, from old customers to new tapped targets.
  • Customised Direct Mailing Campaigns – Allowing you to include the names of your recipients, this mailing option can make your mail more specialised.
  • Direct Mail Campaigns Designed to Client Specification – You are invited to choose the content and outer of your direct mail – from brochures and catalogues to polywrapping and envelopes.
  • Direct Mailing is a more Practical Solution – Affording a low cost alternative, it suits every type of business. Blocked mail rates are also available for any form of direct mailing campaign, which makes this type of campaign cheaper.

Cavalier Mailing does it all – from polywrapping and designing to the delivery of your mail. Valuing each and every campaign, our services are designed with you in mind. With all enquiries please send an email to