5 Ways to Personalise Your Direct Mails


There’s a quote by Marissa Meyer that goes “To me, the future is personalisation.” There’s a reason why marketers urge for more personalised content; people crave it. It makes them feel like their interests and preferences have been considered and frankly, who doesn’t want to be considered?

Say two of your closest friends each gave you a t-shirt as a gift for your birthday. One friend bought you a one-size-fits-all with a random band that you don’t even care for, while the other gave you one that fits perfectly with a picture of your favourite band. Which gift (or friend come to that) would you love more?

That’s the basis for personalisation – people like to feel valued.

The same goes for direct mail marketing. If you don’t want what you’ve worked hard for to simply end up in the bin, personalise it!

Now you might think it would cost more but with Cavalier Mailing’s mailing services you are assured of real value for money. Our attention to detail is second to none and you can rest assured that you personalised mail efforts will not be in vain.

Giving your customers the feeling of familiarity, personalisation makes them realise how important they are to your business; it also helps to develop a personal connection, which will not only make your consumers feel valued, it is also really good for ROI (Return of Investment) and response rates.

Here are five ways to personalise your direct mail:


1. Know their names

Do away with “Dear Valued Prospect” or “Dear Sir/Madam” because your audience will immediately feel disconnected; a person’s name is special. Including their name on the offer itself will instantly persuade them to keep reading. Opt for their first names to make the tone more conversational and remember to get the spelling right!

2. Be their friend

Use what you know about the person and write them a small, personalised message that will truly resonate with them.  Focus on them, rather than you. Give more importance to the benefits of your product rather than its features. Be as honest as you can be. Be a friend to them rather than simply a company they buy from.

3. Give importance to your design and layout

Even if you have the best copy to have ever been written, your mail might still end up in the rubbish bin if it looks plain and boring. Know which fonts and colours will best speak to your consumers. There’s such a thing as colour psychology, so learn which colour will make the biggest influence on your target market. Avoid long blocks of text as this will possibly alienate the reader – opt for headlines and subheadings instead.

4. Make use of PURLs and QR Codes

There should be a marriage between your direct mail campaign and your digital campaign – this is where personalised URLs, (PURLs) and QR Codes come in.

PURLs are website addresses that are personalised for each and every one of your audience. Keep their PURLs short and memorable so that they can easily be entered onto the browser. If you want something easier and faster, personalised QR Codes are the way to go – they only need to be scanned to be instantly redirected to your landing page.

By using these, not only will your audience feel more engaged, you can also track the progress of your direct mail marketing campaign.

5. Stop with the clichés

Trust your consumers. They know more than you think. Don’t try to impress them with ALL CAPS, bold and even italicised letters, plus multiple exclamation marks!!! These are the visual cues of junk mail and should be avoided at all costs.

Try to involve your audience as much as possible…and make them laugh! Don’t show an image and describe it underneath: make it like a puzzle piece in their heads, as this will usually make them take their time to ponder your mail.

Personalised mail feels like it was written by humans, for humans… it might even make your audience anticipate more mail from you! Cavalier Mailing Services ensures that your personalised direct mail marketing campaign will be a success and with over 25 years’ experience, you can trust our attention to detail. We provide a comprehensive free data audit to ensure that your data is as clean as can be, so that your campaign will be a resounding success.

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