Top Reasons Why Consumers Choose Direct Mail over Email

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With the non-stop barrage of irrelevant and unwanted emails, many people are now abandoning their online accounts for good. In fact, a recent research by the Direct Marketing Association revealed that 19 million active email accounts in the UK are reportedly no longer in use.

A lot of consumers have made the switch BACK to direct mail and here are just a few of the reasons why:

Too Many Emails

Too many emails will surely clutter up your inbox! Physical mail is easier to control and provides a more tangible advertising alternative that makes a deeper impression.

No Interesting Content and Offers

Consumers find that marketing emails are lacking in interesting content and offers – they are totally ignored or deleted from the inbox.

Direct mail wins this category by a street mile because companies today strive to make each piece of direct mail as informative and personalised as possible. Consumers can easily choose the mail that has the most appeal and relevance to them.

Consumers Find Better Services

As advertisers start to abandon their email marketing strategies, they likely look to better mailing services to fulfil their mailing requirements.  Direct mailing houses  can achieve the perfect blend of personalised information and visual appeal that will surely render a favourable response from your perspective audience.

The consumers have spoken! They favour the direct mail approach since it stands out naturally – personal, relevant and delivered to the doorstep, where it catches their attention right away!  Spread the word with Cavalier Mailing! Email us at to find out how we can help you to achieve your marketing goals.

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