10 Effective Direct Mail Marketing Approaches

Direct mail

The direct mail game has long changed and it’s now time for advertisers and marketers to be more creative, innovative and sincere in their mailing strategies and campaigns.

Here are 10 solid tips that can make your direct mail campaign beneficial to both sides – you and the consumers!

#1: Know What is Useful for You and the Recipients

Look at your mail; recognise the elements that you like and dislike and then realign and reorganise them in a way that will be favourable and attractive to the customer – and beneficial to the business as well.

#2: Avoid Deceptive Headliners

Stop treating your recipients like kids who will fall for ‘bait-mail’ headliners. Reel in your potential customers by providing real value in your product and service offers –  that will truly help solve their specific problems.

#3: Provide Sufficient Information

Once you have created a thought-provoking headline, follow it up with some truthful information that the consumer really needs. Don’t leave them waiting with bated breath and spare them the hassle of visiting your website to get the information they need.

#4: Make the Most of Your Information

The overall package of your mail must be dependent on your market’s demographics such as gender, age, income and preferences. The more you use this information for your mail, the greater the chances of a favourable response from the recipients.

#5: Start with a Truthful Offer

Almost no one buys the ‘Unbelievable Offer’ openers anymore. So why not just be truthful or direct with your spiel to create more rapport with your customers? Entice readers with the tried and tested benefits of your products to set realistic expectations.

#6: Call-to-Action via Free Samples

Direct mail becomes an instant free trial booth by simply including product samples. Once they like what they have seen and tried for themselves, your audience will immediately want what you have to offer. Ask them to respond right away if they like your offers and free samples.

#7: Make Mailer Mediums Worth Opening

‘Lumpy’ direct mail items are a good strategy to follow but also consider the appropriateness of the contents, message and medium for various consumers. Once you have created the perfect piece, you can expect to get positive response rates from your prospective market.

#8: Creativity Goes Hand-in-Hand with Colour

Recipients and loyal customers appreciate a little bit of creativity every once in a while. Play around with colours in your direct mail marketing materials that are attractive but not confusing. However, incorporate these colour additions without deviating from your brand’s colour identity.

#9: Personalise in Line with the Consumers

Customise your mail in line with the consumers’ needs and preferences. They will be more inclined to go through the whole envelope when they can see and read about what they want.

#10: Control How You Mail It

You always have mailing options – it depends on what you choose. Consider the following factors before determining what will best work for you:

  • Value of your product
  • Time sensitivity
  • Postage rates
  • Postage types

The use of MailLift and stamps greatly improves your mails’ reception. The former makes messages look handwritten and the latter makes them look personally delivered.

These strategies are not just for the purpose of raking in more customers anymore. They can also be used to drive audiences to your website, social media channels and more services. Cavalier Mailing has so much to offer, so make the best use of our mailing services – and we will do our best to make sure your direct mail is opened!



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