Qualities of Effective Direct Mail

As one of the most cost-efficient print mediums, direct mail is an effective means of promoting your products and services. Unlike other advertisements, direct mail has the power to market messages that cannot be emphasised in a few words and the outcome can be easily monitored and assessed. Direct mailing gives you the opportunity to disclose a thorough description of your company’s services, while allowing you to forge an in-depth connection with your target audience.

Direct mail is low-cost compared with other media strategies but a good campaign should always incorporate the following qualities to ensure a positive and rich outcome:

The Basics

Your direct mail package should include:

  1. Outer envelope
  2. Sales letter
  3. Brochure
  4. Lift note (a small folded message slipped inside the mail package designed to boost response rates)
  5. Response device (in the form of reply slips, postcards, postage-paid envelope, etc.)


Customised Mailing List

It is important to know your target audience and potential consumers – direct mail becomes effective with the right target audience. Utilise their information to devise a strategy that considers how and when you can reach them.

Mailing lists should be regularly monitored and filtered – with systematic monitoring, you can establish whether you need to send more or less direct mail.

Compelling Headline

Compelling headlines = ATTENTION.  If you catch the attention of your recipient, then most likely INTEREST will follow.

Take as much time as you need to think of a powerful headline, since this is the most crucial part of any promotion. Stay away from clichés and remember to be straightforward in your approach.

Clear and Specific Offer

Your headline is the bait that will reel in your potential clients – vague offer statements will not suffice. Readers and consumers all have one question in mind – “What’s in it for me?”

The first few sentences of your offer should immediately answer the aforementioned question. Make sure you clearly state your offer and briefly outline the benefits but get straight to the point, since there is every chance consumers will only skim your mail.

An important element of an offer statement shouldn’t be boastful – it should be honest and realistic.

Creative Design

This is not just about the print layout – it also includes the letter itself. Some companies send out postcards with creative messages crafted within. Embellish your sales pitch according to your products and services.

Personalised Mail

A fundamental of effective direct mail, the personal approach can create familiarity between a company and the customer. Customers are satisfied if they get recognised – including their name in certain parts of your letter may attract them to read the whole thing. Personalisation may cost a little more but there are still options that are completely budget-friendly. In short, personalisation can guarantee a direct increase in feedback rates.

Call to Action

What do you want your customers to do? Be straightforward about it and give clear instructions. Leaving your recipients confused can be really off putting.

More importantly, if you really want to stir their attention, leave contact details, a reply slip or postcards which can all help them to keep in touch with you.

Never underestimate the power of direct mail. Crafting creative, well-defined and appropriate messages will guarantee countless positive outcomes. If executed in the right way, expect on the spot growth for your sales and leads.

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