Understanding Bulk Mailing Jargon


Bulk mailing is a brilliant marketing technique but it does include some mail specific terms that you might not be familiar with. Understanding how this can be quite confusing, we have come up with a simple terminology guideline to help you get started.


Short for Customer Bar Code – the barcode is an option in Royal Mail’s bulk mailing service that facilitates the sorting process; allowing it to pass quickly through the sorting machine.

Mail Sorting

This refers to mail management (sorting and processing), which is normally done by Royal Mail to help reduce postal costs.


A printed sample of work, this is thoroughly checked before it passes through the approval process before being submitted for the final printing.


An acronym for Optional Character Recognition, OCR is another option in Royal Mail’s bulk mailing service that allows mail to be machine sorted – this is only available for mail that has been produced to the specific fonts and sizes required by the machine.


PPI or Printed Postage Impression is a mark (commonly the Royal Mail imprint) that is printed in the upper right hand corner of mailing envelopes; indicating that the postage has been paid via an account.

Print Finishing

The final step after the printing process, this involves the precise cutting to size, stapling, folding and binding of mail before it is set for distribution.


A list of names and addresses that are added to the official mailing list, this may not be related to the main target audience.

Bangtail Envelope

A special type of envelope, a bangtail has an extended flap that can be torn off by the recipient and used as a response form.


This is a process whereby two or more lists are combined to identify duplicates and unwanted names.


The process of deleting or the altering of records (name or address) on a list, cleansing brings things up to date; making them accurate.


So, there you have it! Hopefully you will now have a slightly better understanding of the world of bulk mailing but if you should have any further bulk mail queries, simply call01603 720303!

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