5 Types of Letter that deliver Maximum Bulk Mailing Benefits

Even today, businesses still rely on bulk mailing for all their marketing needs. While it is indeed a cost-efficient method to employ, the real question should be more about how you can ‘actually’ make use of it as an effective medium that can reach out to your target market — and even attract further custom.

1.   Sales Letters

Probably the most commonly used bulk mail approach sales letters are made to generate sales – the whole process of turning your ‘prospects’ into ‘sales’ though is often the tricky part.

Since they are sent in bulk, the difficult part is effectively creating the letter as though it were personally addressed to every individual; it takes good sales pitching and clever writing skills. If done well, a one-time send out can lead to an incredibly positive result.

2.   Informational Flyers

Flyers may be a bit on the ‘traditional’ side of advertising but they still make a good means of making your products and services known to your target customers. The good thing about flyers is that they can arouse curiosity regarding your business and offers – leading to an effective and hassle-free purchase.

3.   Newsletters

Never underestimate the power of newsletters. They may be the hardest ones to create but the knowledge that they can provide is always something of great value.

It is also the best way to demonstrate your expertise and boost your brand.

4.   Special Discount Coupons

Who doesn’t want to earn loyal customers? With good customer service being the lifeblood of every business, offering them special discounts — regardless of whether they will use them or not — lets them know that you value their support. Practice it once in a while and you will surely foster good customer loyalty!

5.   Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are always a great opportunity to show that you care for your customers. Just remember not to make it look too much like an advertisement; as this can spoil the sentiment.


Bulk mailing is proven to be an effective marketing tactic – as long as you know how to maximise its potential! If you need reliable bulk mail services, Cavalier Mailing can help you get started. Phone us today on 01603 720303 to discuss your requirements.

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