In Preparation: The Bulk Mail Checklist

When you are marketing to a large number of people – whether you just opened a new restaurant or if you are promoting a limited offer – bulk mailing never fails. You can reach a lot of people, deliver your message effectively and in return, you may get a favourable response. The success of your your campaign might be jeopardised if you did not carefully prepare your bulk mail.

So if you’re aiming to benefit cost-effectively from your bulk mailing efforts, make sure you prepare everything that’s required in the bulk mail process:

Mailing Volume

For first timers, take note that mailing only qualifies as bulk if it’s really in large volumes – 200 x mail or more to be specific. Mail should also have an individual weight of less than 16 ounces per piece. So if you’re planning to send in bulk, try to reach the required quantities to save on costs.

Sizes & Layout

Sizes should be checked to ensure they meet the standard size. If they exceed, the mail will be deemed as flat which costs more. Sizes should be strictly:


Minimum 5” wide x 3-1/2” high, .007” thick; maximum 11-1/2” wide x 6-1/8” high, .25” thick


Minimum 11-1/2” wide x 6-1/8” high, .25” thick; maximum 15” wide x 12” high, .75” thick

There is no specific bulk mailing layout but you must ensure that there are no personal messages included in your mail.

Target Audience

Reaching out to hundreds or thousands of people through bulk mailing will be a more effective strategy but you first need to identify your target market. Start off by classifying your potential audience through simple demographics: Male or female? What age bracket? Married or single?

After identifying the basics, dig a little deeper by understanding their profile when the mail has been delivered. Try to observe their responses, like their behaviour towards a certain trend or product. You could also try to gauge their attitude towards print marketing and media. This will help you to adjust the way you communicate your future messages so that they are better received.

Mail Content

Make sure your mail grabs their attention and arouses a curiosity to delve into the contents. Truth be told, your customers do not care how long you have been in the industry or how you have managed to reach them; what they care about is how they are going to benefit from the contents of your mail.

Mailing List

Correctly choosing your mailing list will make or break your bulk mailing success. Analyse and select the people on your list carefully to ensure that you reach prospects that are likely to translate to actual customers. Among all the mailing list types, these are the most commonly used:

Specialty List

You identify your target audience.

Custom Mailing List

You select the audience criteria that you think meets your needs.

Cloned List

You find an audience that is similar to your current list.

Bulk mailing never fails – whether as a part of your marketing strategy or just as a way of disseminating information. Careful and proper planning are all you need and you’re good to go! For your bulk mail needs, look no further… Cavalier Mailing at your service!


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