Direct Mail Strategies: Know your Recipients!

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Businesses are very aware that direct mailing is still alive and kicking but what keeps it active? The answer lies with the very people that receive and respond to direct mail!

Let us explore your recipients and their potential viewpoint – from what they feel, to how they end up on mailing lists and all the in-betweens:

Potential Buyers

The direct mail list displays people’s profiles such as their age, civil status, number of children and education – everything that is relevant to their purchasing capabilities.

Learn how to organise and target your potential customer – a well- considered mailing list will surely get a favourable response.

Do they Love their Junk Mail?

Junk mail is often grappled through to sort the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. To a point, this will always be the case, so you need to make sure that your mail stands out!

Make recipients love your direct mail by sending them what they absolutely love – you can find out what interests them based on their profiles.

How did they end up on the Mailing List?

People’s profiles usually end up on mailing lists when they complete credit card transactions or when they sign up to magazine subscriptions. Every time their card is processed, businesses get ideas about the sales offers that might attract them.

Why does Direct Mail Work for them?

Direct mail is efficient for your target audience because it saves you costs from unqualified customers. Remember, the more you know about a customer, the more direct mail works for them!

Direct Mail is Beneficial for You and the Recipients

Specific mailing lists can be customised to suit your needs and based on the customers’ profiles. This approach costs less and customers appreciate it when they receive mail that is of interest – especially when it seems more personal to them.

No other mailing house can better connect you with your recipients than Cavalier Mailing! Give us a call on 01603 720303 and let us harness your true mailing potential!

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