Direct Mailing is Still Very Popular

It’s 2016 and a lot of companies have already migrated to Internet-based marketing. However, amidst the unstoppable innovation of modern technology, a tradition still persists – Print and Direct Mail.

Some may object, “Do people really still use direct mailing?” or “I’d rather use email than direct mail.” It’s understandable for companies to use email solutions; considering how convenient they can be if you have an Internet connection. Technology may have advanced but the classically renowned fashion of direct mailing is still favoured by many.
Here are a few reasons why:



For Billing Purposes

The electricity and water board, Internet companies and cable networks – these are just some of the service providers that still opt to send their bills via direct mail. Although digital billing may seem to be a more convenient option, there are many people who would prefer not to give out their credit card details and other information online.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind!

People tend to forget or even ignore information that is supplied online, especially in email inboxes. By using direct mail, there is quite literally a paper trail that serves as a constant reminder.

Essence of Physical Presence

Printed mail is still more engaging compared to emails, according to Avery. Online content can sometimes offer more distractions like advertisements, other mail notifications and such like. When someone physically reads their mail, the focus is directed solely towards what they`re holding – nothing more, nothing less.

Sense of Trustworthiness

According to a study conducted by Avery, 95% of participants rated letters as being ‘more real’ than emails. In terms of the reliability of the content, the result is significantly higher again, with many people believing in print. In the early days of the Internet, there were numerous scams and phishing going on in emails.

Touch of Customisation

It isn’t the other companies that are your number one direct mailing competitors; it is the dustbin. If you skip the bin, then you’re either lucky or you have done something right. Make your mail appealing with simple acts like personalisation.

There is Less Competition

People are still open to direct mail. There is no need to be alarmed when more popular forms of marketing arrive; that’s not the only place to engage with customers. Stick to what you know your customers need and if you think your direct mail can supplement your marketing, go for it!

If you think that direct mail has had its day, then think again. A hybrid marketing strategy is very important. Online marketing is extremely competitive and direct mail may help you to standout more. For your direct mail needs, Cavalier Mailing does it all!

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