Guide to Better Direct Mail Design

Guide to Better Direct Mail Design

Guide to Better Direct Mail Design

One of the reasons why Direct Mail is still an effective advertising and marketing strategy is because there is less competition. No need to fight over someone’s inbox, trying to win their attention with catchy headlines.


You cannot always guarantee that your direct mail will grab the attention of the receiver. Here are some simple direct mail design guidelines:


Make it Look Personalised

Conceptualise, customise then personalise. People love it when they feel like they are receiving mail that is intended for them exclusively. By simply putting their name (make sure it’s correctly spelled) and a little message, this could make them feel special.


Make Sure it is Easy to Read

Keep your mail basic: grand to look at but friendly enough to read. Appealing to their five senses isn’t enough; making them understand in an easy-to-read format is essential.


Introduce Your Brand

Don’t waste any effort on making your mail look pretty, start by including some sales talk without even introducing your brand identity. Hitting them right from the start with your logo and a strong, brief background of your brand could make them remember you.


Let Your Offer Stand Out

Offers such as discounts, promos and free trials sometimes do the trick here. People get lulled into reading mail when they see offers.  So, give your offer the spotlight, making sure that its well thought out.


Give Emphasis on Call to Action

So you sent out the mail, introduced your brand, mentioned an offer, made it special to them but you forgot to include contact details so that they could get back to you… all that effort was a waste of time. It is important to make your contact details clear, bold and easy to read – for the benefit of your consumers.



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