Why Direct Mail Marketing Will Never Die

Direct mail marketing is alive and kicking – even though the world keeps introducing new and unique ways to present different products and services to consumers, direct mail marketing is adapting and evolving just as much as any other marketing strategy.

Standing the Test of Time

So, where did it all start…? With an extremely long history, dating back to 1,000 BC, the first known example was found in Egypt – a rich Egyptian offered gold in exchange for valuable information about a runaway slave.

If you’re wondering how it stood the test of time, well it’s because it works and there’s nothing quite like it. By the 15th Century the printing press was invented and that was when direct mail really took off, as mass mail was made possible by cheaper printing costs. Over the centuries, people and companies became more creative; they didn’t stick to the standard postcard sized flyers, they made pamphlets and catalogues, used more colour and included images with higher resolution.

Direct Mail Marketing in the Digital Age

Nowadays, marketers use direct mail marketing to stand out from their competitors, despite the increased popularity of email and other innovative marketing strategies. This rise in competition has made printing cheaper, meaning that mass marketing is more affordable for businesses. QR codes and PURLs have been integrated with paper marketing strategies, making it easy to tie them in with websites, landing pages and social media accounts.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s no longer relevant in our digitally focused world – though email marketing is a lot cheaper and faster, spam has made it hard for the email marketer to get through as consumers tend to delete anything they think might be a waste of time. Let’s face it direct mail marketing is a whole lot more personal than emails, as it enables readers to feel more connected.

Mail is physical. People can keep it, especially mail that is designed to catch the eye of the recipient. With quirky and striking designs, direct mail not only advertises a product or service, it also wins a permanent place in the hearts of the readers – when done well, direct mail can represent a long and constant advertisement.

The Future of Direct Mail Marketing

Experts predict that this advertising medium will evolve further, even with the advancement of digital technology. Direct mail marketing will remain current and relevant because of its versatility and adaptability to technology.

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