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whistl (ing) a new tune – TNT Post rebrand

TNT Post have rebranded themselves to provide themselves with a distinct identity while they try to steal further market share from Royal Mail.  Whistl processes over 22% of all the UK’s mail. Each year they collect, sort, send and transport over 4 billion items of addressed mail, packets and parcels for businesses just like yours, as well as handling millions of pieces of unaddressed mail.

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Royal Mail beat its 93.0 per cent First Class mail target with 93.2 per cent of this mail delivered the next working day. It also exceeded its Second Class mail target of 98.5 per cent, delivering 98.9 per cent of this mail within three working days. Royal Mail has one of the highest service specifications of any major European country[1].

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Market Research – Mailing Facts

Direct Mail continues to be the preferred choice for brochures, catalogues, welcome packs and statements, whereas email is considered more appropriate for new, confirmations and promotional offers. A study carried out in 2007 (just prior to the launch of the first iPhone) provided very similar results to a more recent survey, proving that, for the right service, Direct Mail is still King despite the explosion in e-services.

Welcome Packs

62% preferred to receive mailed copies as opposed to only 23% who preferred email

Brochures and Catalogues

63% preferred to receive mailed copies as opposed to only 21% who preferred email

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Royal Mail to cut 1,600 managerial jobs

ROYAL Mail is facing the threat of industrial action just months after its controversial privatisation after unveiling “ruthless” plans to axe 1,600 jobs as part of a programme aimed at saving £50 million .

The UK’s newly-privatised universal postal service provider said today that the “vast majority” of the jobs lost will be among its operational and head office managers, avoiding impacts on frontline employees including delivery staff and said 300 new posts would also be created, leaving a net reduction of 1,300 roles.

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Changes in Large Letter Services

Royal Mail is restructuring their Large Letter services to further reflect how people use mail. Advertising Mail Large Letters remain unchanged. However, the standard Large Letter service used for both transactional documents and goods fulfilment is being
divided into services aimed at these two applications. A Business Mail Large Letters service is being introduced for senders of transactional mail, magazines and other non-fulfilment uses and these rates are approximately 5% above the 2013/14 rates.

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Revised Proposal on Postal Address File Licencing

Last summer, following extensive discussions with Government and its representatives, the Royal Mail published their proposal for simplifying PAF® licensing and set out substantial reforms to the licensing arrangements.

Having listened to the market’s feedback, sought expert advice from the PAF Advisory Board; independent representatives of PAF® users, including The Strategic Mailing Partnership™ board and the sub group Mail Presentation Advisory Group they have considered how best to develop their proposal.

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Royal Mail – Quality of Service

Royal Mail’s latest report reveals that it achieved its quality targets for First Class letters and parcels and was ahead of its Second Class target for this mail after the first three quarters of the 2013/14 financial year. Royal Mail has the highest service specification of any major European country (1)

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Royal Mail statement on Announcement of CWU Strike Ballot

The CWU’s announced this morning that it will hold a national strike ballot unless agreement is reached with Royal Mail on a range of issues.

Please see the statement we have issued in response to below.

  • Royal Mail is disappointed that the CWU intends to call for a national strike ballot
  • A highly competitive pay offer and agreement has been proposed to the CWU and has been rejected. Talks are on-going and we are committed to seeking an agreement. We believe that a ballot on strike action is inappropriate
  • Since 2011 Royal Mail has been in talks with the CWU to reach a new agreement following the Business Transformation Agreement 2010
  • Disrupting the service Royal Mail provides to its customers is not helpful
  • Agreement offered
    • Royal Mail proposed to the CWU a new three-year agreement to deliver its agenda for growth and industrial stability. It offered a new model for the CWU and Royal Mail to work together. Talks are on-going to seek an agreed settlement
  • Terms and conditions and pay
    • An 8.6% increase in base pay over three years
    • The current legal position is that all terms and conditions that apply to Royal Mail employees would remain in place, on the same basis, were the company to be sold
    • To provide further reassurance, Royal Mail wants to create a legally-binding and enforceable contract with the CWU. Pay and protections could not be changed for the period of the contract without CWU agreement
    • Royal Mail will continue to have a predominantly full-time workforce on a national basis, around 75 per cent full time to 25 per cent part time
    • There will be no change to the current structure of the company in relation to services provided to customers
  • Free Shares
    • The sale of Royal Mail is a matter for the UK Government as detailed in the Postal Services Act 2011
    • Our employees will have a meaningful stake in the company and its future success. Just this week, the Government announced that 150,000 employees would be automatically enrolled in the free shares scheme. They can opt out if they wish
    • This is the largest free stake of any major UK privatisation
  • On Pensions
    • The cost to companies of maintaining final salary pension schemes has risen in recent years. This is due in part to the recession and the Government’s policy of printing money to help the economy. Royal Mail is impacted by this as much as any other company
    • Royal Mail proposes to use some of the £2billion of assets in the Royal Mail Pension Plan to keep it open for existing members, subject to certain conditions
    • Royal Mail is consulting with Plan members on a proposal that would see no changes to members’ contribution rates, retirement age or accrual rates

    Royal Mail is disappointed that the CWU has announced it intends to call for a national strike ballot of its members in Royal Mail at its policy forum today (August 1 2013).

    Talks are on-going between Royal Mail and the CWU and we are committed to seeking an agreement. Since 2011, Royal Mail has been in talks with the CWU to reach a new agreement following the Business Transformation Agreement 2010.

    Parcelforce Worldwide employees are not included in the proposals being debated by the CWU.

    Royal Mail proposed a legally-binding three-year highly competitive agreement to deliver its agenda for growth and industrial stability that included an 8.6% increase in base pay over three years. It has been rejected by the CWU. We believe that a ballot on strike action is inappropriate. Disrupting the service Royal Mail provides to its customers is not helpful.

    Royal Mail operates in a very competitive market, especially in the parcels market. We recognise that customers have a choice and can move their business very quickly. We want to reach agreement with the CWU as soon as possible to give customers and employees continued stability.

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Royal Mail to change Printed Postage Impression – PPI

The design of the Royal Mail’s Printed Postage Impression (PPI) is changing by adding ‘Delivered by Royal Mail’ mark to the current PPI designs.

Why we are they doing this?
The Royal Mail believes it important that their employees role in delivering the mail to communities throughout the UK is fully recognised.

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Royal Mail to charge VAT on all bulk services

Changes to the way in which the Royal Mail are regulated and how their services attract VAT are due to come into force from 2nd April 2012. Some of the information is still to be detailed but in a nutshell from April if you send mail using the Royal Mail Online Business Account (OBA) or using a docket book you will be charged VAT.

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