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Why Branding is Beneficial for your Business

People nowadays are after the brand rather than the product itself and as more companies revert back to direct mailing, visual appeal has become increasingly important.

What is Branding?

Branding is the practice of creating your own identity – one that can leave a lasting impression with potential consumers. When starting a business, you must know WHAT and WHO you are so that you can classify the type of clients you are looking for and the type of...
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Save Money on Postage Fees by Using Direct Mail

Ever since Royal Mail lost the monopoly on the postal system, stamp prices have been affected; in quantity, size, shape, content of material, quality of data and geographical spread. In 2012, the prices for postage got more expensive when VAT was introduced into the overall cost. It now takes 4 working days for a regular letter to be delivered, with a minimum payment that amounts to 64p plus VAT, depending on the contents of the letter...
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10 Effective Direct Mail Marketing Approaches

direct mail
The direct mail game has long changed and it’s now time for advertisers and marketers to be more creative, innovative and sincere in their mailing strategies and campaigns. Here are 10 solid tips that can make your direct mail campaign beneficial to both sides – you and the consumers!

#1: Know What is Useful for You and the Recipients

Look at your mail; recognise the elements that you like and dislike and then realign and reorganise them...
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6 Useful Types of Direct Mail and Their Benefits

Businesses who tailor their direct mail campaigns specifically for each purpose, addressing it to a relevant target audience, will save money on mailing costs and guarantee favourable returns.

You too can be successful in your direct mail strategies. Take a look at our list of useful direct mail pieces and their benefits:


Direct Mail Types 1

Postcards are one of the clearest and most effective messaging tools you...

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Top Reasons Why Consumers Choose Direct Mail over Email

consumers choose direct mail img

With the non-stop barrage of irrelevant and unwanted emails, many people are now abandoning their online accounts for good. In fact, a recent research by the Direct Marketing Association revealed that 19 million active email accounts in the UK are reportedly no longer in use.

A lot of consumers have made the switch BACK to direct mail and here are just a few of the reasons why:

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4 Direct Mail Edges that lead to Increased ROI

DM ROI img 1

Today, more pieces of direct mail are being opened compared to 2013. This is based on recent research conducted by Wilmington Millennium, which revealed that a staggering 500 million pieces of direct mail (DM) are now being opened and read – adding an additional £1.6 billion to the channel’s ROI.

Interesting Advantage

Printed direct mail possesses a noteworthy advantage over digital mail marketing as it is carefully developed, specifically...

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4 Advantages of Direct Mail Over Email

Although technology has changed the direct marketing landscape, direct mail continues to make even stronger marketing connections - with enhancements made possible by web technology, etc. direct mail img 1

Image source: The Global Mobility Review


Whether we are talking about the physical or electronic inbox, just how capable are you of reading all the mail you receive? Personal inboxes are chock-a-block with personal communication, updates, offers, news and others but do you really...
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Direct Mail Strategies: Know your Recipients!

Know your Recipients IMG

Businesses are very aware that direct mailing is still alive and kicking but what keeps it active? The answer lies with the very people that receive and respond to direct mail!

Let us explore your recipients and their potential viewpoint – from what they feel, to how they end up on mailing lists and all the in-betweens:

Potential Buyers

The direct mail list displays people’s profiles such as...

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The Significance of Direct Mailing for the Younger Generation

groupfie pic Today’s new generation of workers or ‘The Millennials’ is known for being completely tech savvy; as they make use of technology for their social and professional needs (i.e. email notifications, texts, daily alerts, instant messaging apps, etc.). Although we are living in a fast-paced world, technology cannot be the only source for reliable news and information. Much like the older forms of media, printed materials are still used today because they are the living proof...
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Direct Mailing: A Reliable Channel for Effective Communication

Direct Mailing: Door to Door

Image Source: englishpostboxes

Although digital marketing has a proven track record for its quick and reliable distribution of creative promotions, it also has its fair share of downsides…. pave the way for direct mailing and its efficiency to deliver adeptly to a target audience.

Direct Mail vs. Email


Direct Mail vs E-MailImage Source: The Guardian & Talisman

With today’s...
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Realistic Reminders to Follow in Direct Mailing

Realistic Reminders to Follow in Direct Mailing Direct mailing is still one of the best ways to reach your target audience. Unlike email blasts, direct mail adds a personal touch to its chosen recipients; resulting in a genuine form of communication that comes directly from the company to its intended readers. To give you a further understanding of how an efficient direct mail marketing strategy works, here are a few tips which you can follow:

When planning...

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Understanding Bulk Mailing Jargon

INFOGRAPHICS-cavalier-understanding-bulk-mailing-jargon Bulk mailing is a brilliant marketing technique but it does include some mail specific terms that you might not be familiar with. Understanding how this can be quite confusing, we have come up with a simple terminology guideline to help you get started.


Short for Customer Bar Code - the barcode is an option in Royal Mail's bulk mailing service that facilitates the sorting process; allowing it to pass quickly through the sorting machine.

Mail Sorting

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5 Types of Letter that deliver Maximum Bulk Mailing Benefits

bulk mail

Image Source: Blogher

Even today, businesses still rely on bulk mailing for all their marketing needs. While it is indeed a cost-efficient method to employ, the real question should be more about how you can ‘actually’ make use of it as an effective medium that can reach out to your target market — and even attract further custom.

1.   Sales Letters

Probably the most commonly used bulk mail approach sales letters are...
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Qualities of Effective Direct Mail

mailbox UK As one of the most cost-efficient print mediums, direct mail is an effective means of promoting your products and services. Unlike other advertisements, direct mail has the power to market messages that cannot be emphasised in a few words and the outcome can be easily monitored and assessed. Direct mailing gives you the opportunity to disclose a thorough description of your company’s services, while allowing you to forge an in-depth connection with your...
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5 Ways to Personalise Your Direct Mails

5 Ways to Personalise Your Direct Mails There’s a quote by Marissa Meyer that goes “To me, the future is personalisation.” There’s a reason why marketers urge for more personalised content; people crave it. It makes them feel like their interests and preferences have been considered and frankly, who doesn’t want to be considered? Say two of your closest friends each gave you a t-shirt as a gift for your birthday. One friend bought you a one-size-fits-all...
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Why Direct Mail Marketing Will Never Die

Direct mail marketing is alive and kicking - even though the world keeps introducing new and unique ways to present different products and services to consumers, direct mail marketing is adapting and evolving just as much as any other marketing strategy. Why direct mail marketing will never die Standing the Test of Time So, where did it all start…? With an extremely long history, dating back to 1,000 BC, the first known example was found in Egypt -...
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3 Key Characteristics of Great Printing Companies in Norfolk

The great copywriting genius, Gary Halbert, once said that everybody in the world divides their mail into two piles: the A-Pile and the B-Pile. The A-Pile is where people put all the letters that are (or appear to be) personal, while the B-Pile includes everything else - from brochures to bills to envelopes that clearly contain a sales message. Characteristics of Great Printing Companies in Norfolk   Every direct mail marketer is aiming for the A-Pile! B-Piles are considered...
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Creative Direct Mail Examples That Could Inspire You

Creativity is the key to effective direct mail with clout. Here are some unique direct mail examples that will surely get a great response:



(Sources of Image:

This is perfect for the music industry; implemented in the Griffiths, Gibson and Ramsay Productions direct mail campaign, the package contained a do-it-yourself record player that quite likely grabbed the interest of the recipients, making the campaign more effective.


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In Preparation: The Bulk Mail Checklist

When you are marketing to a large number of people – whether you just opened a new restaurant or if you are promoting a limited offer – bulk mailing never fails. You can reach a lot of people, deliver your message effectively and in return, you may get a favourable response. The success of your your campaign might be jeopardised if you did not carefully prepare your bulk mail.

So if you’re aiming to benefit cost-effectively from your bulk mailing efforts, make sure you...
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Direct Mailing is Still Very Popular

It’s 2016 and a lot of companies have already migrated to Internet-based marketing. However, amidst the unstoppable innovation of modern technology, a tradition still persists – Print and Direct Mail. Some may object, “Do people really still use direct mailing?” or “I’d rather use email than direct mail.” It’s understandable for companies to use email solutions; considering how convenient they can be if you have an Internet connection. Technology may have advanced but the classically renowned fashion of direct mailing is still favoured by many. Here...
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